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Principal stabbing headache: recurrent episodes of stabbing "ice choose suffering" or "jabs and jolts" for 1 2nd to various minutes without autonomic indicators (tearing, red eye, nasal congestion). These head aches is usually treated with indomethacin.

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Hau kahi mu gandi ku uthei uthei bou bia ku genhili. Bou bia bhitare mo banda pasuthila aau baharuthila. Mu bou ku kundhei ki genhuthile je sedina dad adha rastaru palei asithile.

Ghare giye ekta maching kalo lacy see thru bra/pany pore nei. Meye esei amai jariye dhore chumu khete thake. Amar ga tao kemon siure othe. Onekdin sonalir sathe intercourse kori ni. Ekhon meyer sathe korle kemon hoi?

Bou aahhaa mo bou bou lo bou. Aahhaa mo banda banda mo banda banda bia bia genhili genhili genhili. Genhe genhe bia ku genhe genhe. mo bia bia. Aaahhaa. Bou mo upare basiki genhile. Kutti kutti mo banda ku genhuthile aau mu bou doodhaku daluthili. Aaahhhaa bou bou baharigala. baharigala.

Sakalu uthila beleku mote lagila jemite mo banda ku kiee chatu chhi. Moon dekhila belaku lilly nani moon banda ku danta ghasila bhalia ghasu chhanti. Moon kahile chat lo randi jor re chat. Tapare se mora aahuri jor re chati baku lagile aau 10min pare mora bahari gala aau se sabu taka puni pe dele.

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The ICHD-2 classification places cranial neuralgias and other kinds of neuralgia in a unique category. In line with this system, there are actually 19 varieties of neuralgias and headaches resulting from various central will cause of facial discomfort. What's more, the ICHD-2 features a category that contains all the complications that can not be classified.

Vauja eya kahi mo pocket re hata purai dele. Sate mo dehare recent mari dela vali lagila. Vabili bahut dinara kama ta aji hoi jiba. Mora epari vagya je ,stebele ku mo pocket ta chira thila. Hathat vauja nka hatara chhuana pai mo banda ta pura thia hoigala.

Ami or kane mukh niye fisfis kore boli – kire mai chusbi naki? O sunei bole pisi ami ar na chuse thakte parchi na, khub khete ichhe korche.

Emiti kichhi position baki nathiba jauta aame test karinithubu. Jete bele kehi nathanti aame gown kholideiki duijana adore chook read more (chipakke) laga lagi heiki, soithibu nahele kundha kundhi heiki gela heuthibu. Ketebele mun ta upare toh ketebele sie mo upare.

These complications are treated by advising the person to halt sexual intercourse when they acquire a headache. Medicines which include propranolol and diltiazem can even be helpful.

Migraines are now considered a result of dysfunction with the nerves during the Mind.[thirteen] Earlier, migraines ended up regarded as brought on by a primary trouble Using the blood vessels in the Mind.[fourteen] This vascular principle, which was produced within the 20th century by Wolff, instructed the aura in migraines is due to constriction of intracranial vessels (vessels In the brain), and also the headache itself is because of rebound dilation of extracranial vessels (vessels just exterior the Mind).

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